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Lake Facts

  • Lake Fact #1

    Lake County Gross Regional Product of $9.35 billion.

  • Fast Fact #2

    Lake County Cost of Living Index 95.9

  • Lake Fact #3

    The median household income is $56,231.

  • Lake Fact #4

    Lake County home ownership at 75.6%

  • Lake Fact #5

    Lake County annual nursery sales exceed $ 87 million annually

  • Lake Fact #6

    Lake Counties has over 600 advanced manufacturing firms – and the workforce to support them

  • Lake Fact #7

    Lake County has over 31 miles of coastline on Lake Erie with great beaches, boating and fishing.

  • Lake Fact #8

    Lake Metroparks has over 8,196 acres

  • Lake Fact #9

    Fairport Harbor ships an average of 1.7 million tons of bulk cargo

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Available Properties

Available Properties