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Museums & Historical Sites

Lawnfield Home -James A. Garfield National Historic Site

Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse
This National Historic site consists of a marine museum and lighthouse tower that is open to the public and provides spectacular views of Lake Erie. The marine museum houses its’ original 3rd order Fresnel lens, the Frontenac pilothouse, nautical artifacts, and more.

Finnish Heritage Museum
This museum is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating Finnish heritage and cultural traditions through displays of special books, documents, records and artifacts.

Historic Kirtland
This meticulously restored 19th century village demonstrates life in the early American frontier. It also tells the story of the early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Attractions include a general store, an ashery, a working sawmill, an inn, and a schoolhouse.

Indian Museum of Lake County
This museum has a collection of over 26,000 prehistoric artifacts from 10,000 B.C. to 1650 A.D. plus Native America crafts from 1800 to 2008. The Indian Museum library of over 1,000 books and periodicals is used by students of all ages, from elementary to adults. The museum staff gladly assists students with their research.

Lake County History Center

The Lake County Historical Society utilizes all available resources to promote a sense of community through the establishment of Lake County history in local classrooms, the education of the public, and the preservation of archives and artifacts. Operated by the Lake County Historical Society, The Lake County History Center is an 8-acre educational complex open year-round for school field trips, group tours, and visitors. The museum building features a series of changing exhibits, gift shop, dining area for groups, classrooms and library. The Lake County History Center occupies a building constructed in 1876 by the Lake County Commissioners. The building replaced the former “Lake County Infirmary,” earlier known as the County Poor House, that had occupied the property since 1852.  

Lawnfield was the home of President James Garfield from 1876 until 1881. Garfield and his wife expanded the original farmhouse from nine to twenty rooms, and added a large front porch. It was from this porch that Garfield campaigned for the presidency in 1880. After Garfield's assassination, his wife added a memorial library, which set the precedent for presidential libraries. In 1936 the house was donated by the Garfield family to the Western Reserve Historical Society. In 1980 Congress recognized it as a National Historic Site and it is now managed by the National Parks Service.

Penfield House
Designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Penfield house was designed for Louis Penfield. Penfield stood at six feet, eight inches, and specifically asked Wright to design a house to accommodate a man of his stature. The house's architecture reflects this, with ceilings that are higher than in other Wright designs, and windows and doorways that are tall and narrow. The house is not opened for tours, but rather can be rented for overnight stays so that it can be experienced as a house.

Kirtland Temple
The Kirtland Temple is a National Historic Landmark in Kirtland, Ohio, USA, on the eastern edge of the Cleveland metropolitan area. Owned and operated by the Community of Christ, the house of worship was the first temple to be built by the Latter Day Saint movement. It receives about 100,000 visitors per year.