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Lake County Port and Economic Development Authority approves contract to clean up Painesville property

Andrew Cass | The News-Herald

The Lake County Port and Economic Development Authority Board has approved a plan to clean up the “Bank Street Property” in Painesville. 

The board at its Aug. 20 meeting approved a design build contract with Burgess & Niple not to exceed $780,000. 

Economic Development Authority Executive Director Mark Rantala said an environmental study was previously done on the property and it was found that there was contaminated soil that needs to be excavated and removed. 

“We’re going to have to do a fairly significant amount of excavation in order to do this because the pollutant is between 15 and 20 feet below the surface,” Rantala said. “We don’t want it to leave the site and migrate with ground water or anything else. It’s a very concentrated pollutant spot.” 

The 25-acre property was previously a Coe Manufacturing site. The company was purchased by a competitor in 2009 and ceased operations in Ohio. The authority took over the property from the city of Painesville in 2009. 

Once the containment is removed, the site will be in compliance with EPA regulations. 

Rantala said other parts of the property have already been leased. Certain activities were restricted such as building residential properties on the site, Rantala said. Excavations are also not allowed under a certain level. None of the current tenants are on the contaminated area.  

Removing the contaminated property will open up another building on the site for use. 

Rantala said he is hopeful the cleaned up is finished by the end of the year.