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Timberlake Village

The Village of Timberlake was incorporated in the year 1947, and is a non-chartered or statutory village. The population was 675 at the 2010 census.


SubjectSourceTopicTimberlake Village 
Population2012 ACS 5YR2012 Estimated Population762
2010 Census2010 Census Population675
2000 Census2000 Census Population775
2012 ACS 5YR2012 Median Age49.9
Household2012 ACS 5YR2012 Estimated Households337
2010 Census2010 Census Households307
2000 Census2000 Census Households321
2012 ACS 5YRHomeowner Percentage89.5%
2012 ACS 5YRRenter Percentage10.5%
Population by Race2012 US Census ACS 5YR2012 Estimated White753
2012 Estimated Black or African American0
2012 Estimated Asian & Pacific Islander4
2012 Estimated American Indian & Native Alaskan0
2012 Estimated Other Races0
2012 Estimated Hispanic0
Income2012 US Census ACS 5YRMedian household income (dollars)62,708
Mean household income (dollars)69,350
Per capita income (dollars)29,310
Education2012 US Census ACS 5YRPopulation 25 years and over586
Less than 9th grade1.4%
9th to 12th grade, no diploma5.1%
High school graduate (includes equivalency)31.4%
Some college, no degree24.2%
Associate's degree16.2%
Bachelor's degree16.2%
Graduate or professional degree5.5%
Percent high school graduate or higher93.5%
Percent bachelor's degree or higher21.7%